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Installation Instructions

Most Unreal downloads are compressed archives (like .zip or .rar) with multiple files in it.
Installation simply means copying files to corresponding folders.
Therefore, locate your Unreal folder (usually C:\Unreal).
Here's a list where to copy the files corresponding to their file extension:
File extension Target folder Description
.unr C:\Unreal\Maps Map, the level itself
.utx C:\Unreal\Textures Texture package
including visual patterns
.umx C:\Unreal\Music Music package
including tracker (background) music
.uax C:\Unreal\Sounds Sound package
including ambient, activation, monster, weapon and more sounds
.u C:\Unreal\System UScript package
including unreal script programs, usually used for new weapons or monsters
.ini C:\Unreal\System Configuration file for UScript packages (try opening it with notepad!)
.int C:\Unreal\System Localizated language file (.int = international, mostly english)
including menu descriptions and user messages (try opening it with notepad!)
.umod temp This is a self-extracting unreal archive.
Either double-click it and follow the instructions on your screen
or open it with the UmodBrowser.
All other files don't need to be copied, but some are useful help files (readme, etc.)