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* Files marked with the yellow asterisk are needed to join my server (faster with Nephthys).
* Files marked with the green asterisk are needed to play my maps in single player mode.
* Files marked with the purple asterisk are needed to join my server when the map is running.
For installation of unreal downloads please decompress all files
to the corresponding folders (as given in the downloaded archive Instructions).
No responsibility for any link!
Download my mods:
Title Zip File Size Date Comments
Nephthys - The Mistress of the House Dedicated Nephthys page
>>>>> The new Nephthys v1.4 is out! <<<<
  1. Security mod for servers: Supports banning, blocks attacks and much more
  2. Redirected web downloads for clients: connect as usual but download way faster
  3. Runs on Unreal 1, Deus Ex and Rune
MusicWeapon* 2.4 MB 20030925 The Music Weapons: Fire songs at other players!
md5: 6df399401966cd1874cceab8739c2606
Laser Saber (V2.3)* 568 KB 20100120 The Jedi Light Saber made by panic (bugs fixed):
"You can slice Skaarj warriors or decapitate Nalis, I don't really care."
ConsolePlus + Chat 8 KB 20020529
  1. The fullscreen console is a UT-like window and doesn't crash your game.
  2. You can type blue, screen-centered text. (Many Admins don't like!)
UPakConsole + Chat 4 KB 20020607 For UPak users only (Unreal Gold).
You can type blue, screen-centered text. (Many Admins don't like!)
ZoraDat* 358 KB 20091109 Mod to play my maps in Unreal Tournament (by Zac Milton).
md5: 8e2c3d76a787b2f47255662056e1616a
Classes* 52 KB 20071213 Here are classes needed by all maps below.
md5: 24ad38240391f7620584ed0ea8e6ccad
zcKey###### This package marks a private session. If you miss it,
please try again later or join one of my other servers.
Download my Episodes:
(for single player please download the newest Classes too)

(All maps are tested with Unreal version 225f and 226f)
Episode Zip File Size Date Map Titles
Episode 1** 15 MB 20021120 Lost
Skaarj Roulette
The Jungle of Monsters
The forgotten Cave of the Nali's Crystals
Episode 2** 3 MB 20021120 The Entry
The Adventure Pools
The Citadel
The Release of Heaven
Episode 3** 10 MB 20021120 Ancient World
Dead People's Base
Lava Gulch
The Water Laboratory
ep4_1.zip** 3.9 MB 20040114 The Vulcan
ep4_2.zip** 3.1 MB 20040501 Vulcano Underground
ep4_34.zip** 4.9 MB 20040501 Ancient World
Inside the Skaarj Ship
Download these maps made by other mappers:
(server loads packages by random automatically)

(Most maps run with Unreal version 225f and 226f, some only with 226f)
Author Episode Zip File Size Map Titles
Turboman Firestorm Trailer (wmv Video) 6.7 MB Firestorm Trailer (wmv Video)
Coming out soon ...
Turboman Firestorm Trailer 20081029 (YouTube) Firestorm Trailer 20081029 (YouTube)
Coming out sooner ...
Grayson Edge Star 861* 1.0 MB Star 861
Grayson Edge Hexephet* 4.43 MB Hexephet
The Fission Smelter
Chicoverde Shamu Quest*
Coop Fix*
15.76 MB
3.8 MB
Chicoverde Shamu Quest 2* 7.2 MB NaK'halrinha Peak
Valley of Eelhandra
Temple of Eelhandra (Part 2)
Geoff Field (Mad Martigan) The Tower of Shrakith'a* 6.42 MB Part1 ... Part4
EZkeel (Simon West-Bulford) Invasion* 5.46 MB The Escape
Titanian Temple
Sirius 9c
End Sequence
David Münnich Strange World* 8.06 MB Part1 ... Part7
The End
Chris Burgess One Day in the Live of ...*
Coop Fix*
5.2 MB
3.3 MB
One Day in the Live of ...
... Dawn
... Noon
... Dusk
... Nightfall
... Night
... Eve
Chris Burgess Deep Space 666 (Coop Fix)* 1.02 MB Deep Space 666
Jaspos The Elder* 2.53 MB The Elder
Shinigami Shinigami 1* 7.71 MB The Crash Site
Nali Pirate Ship
Entrance to the Inverted Castle
Matt Rasmussen (Razman) The Tower of Zi' Ki'* 2.3 MB The Tower of Zi' Ki'
Steve Long ArchSub* 7.3 MB Hot Foot
Archwork (Untitled)
Boiler (Untitled)
Sub (Untitled)
Atomic Pop Panic2* 23.45 MB The Satelite
M.E.A.N. Aquaducts
M.E.A.N. Barracks
M.E.A.N. Warehouse
Panic End (Untitled)
Marty Howe The Once Great Temple* 1.1 MB The Once Great Temple
EZkeel (Simon West-Bulford) Zombie Dawn* 2.56 MB Dawn Of The Dead
Alex Vancomerbeck "HADES" Asylum* 1.6 MB The Mental Asylum
EddX The Sky Shard* 2.07 MB The Underground Temple
The Great Abyss
The Skaarj Ship
The Chief7 Jailbreak* 3.28 MB Jailbreak
Temple Of Nod
Turboman mcastle* 2.24 MB Another Nali Castle
LION (LS) stargatetlse.ace* 41.2 MB Level 1
Level 15
Mr. Paci Redeem your space* 5.8 MB
11.2 MB
8.4 MB
8.7 MB
5.1 MB
12.1 MB
11.9 MB
8.6 MB
Escape From Baltar
Madehiten - Chiris Village
Madehiten - Chirzed Temple
Madehiten - Mountains of Secret
Madehiten - Mystic Spire
Exploited - Mean Streets
Exploited - Sewers
Exploited - Stell Town
Exploited - Underground Skaarj Base
Exploited - Way of the Salvation
Haros - Isthia Village
Haros - Cold Passage
Haros - Cemetery
Haros - OldQuarter
Haros - Courtyard
Haros - Castle of Kralls
Haros - Mages Tower
Haros - Ruthin Line
Haros - Ice Morning
Sirius - Cave
Sirius - Mine & Rafinery
Sirius - Speedway
Sirius - War Factory
Sirius - HeadQuarter
HyperSpeed Fly
Chicken Itza - Lost Palaces
Chicken Itza - Town
Chicken Itza - Cellars
Pharao - Palace
Pharao - Central Town
Pharao - Catacombs
Pharao - Lost City
Pharao - Great Piramide
Shinigami - Sarevok
Shinigami - Dark Wood
Shinigami - Monastery
Shinigami - Amarok
Shinigami - Amarok Castle
Shinigami - Burial Underground
Soulstone - Ruins of Giant Town
Soulstone - Underworld
SoulStone - Stonehenge
Tau'ri - Stargateport
Tau'ri - City of Steel
Tau'ri - Old Section
Tau'ri - High Town
Tau'ri - SpacePort
LilSatchMo Urbanisum* 1.4 MB Urbanisum
Andrew "Drew" Ross SkaarjTower-ShadowAndFireV2* 14.0 MB Skaarj Tower
Skaarj Castle V2
Tim "Kew" Jervis Illhaven Saga*
Illhaven (fix by DB)*
Illhaven (fix by PHX)*
10.2 MB
2.9 MB
8.8 MB
8.2 MB
Illhaven Start
Illhaven 1
Illhaven 2
Illhaven 3
Illhaven 4
Illhaven 5
Illhaven 6
Illhaven End
4as Alien* 1.9 MB Alien Level
Aline Level 2
imeL007 SecretOp* 1.0 MB Secret Operation
The Big End
VerMoorD The Valley Of Alshar* 3.4 MB Alshar1
Paul "TAZ" Mader Tarmation*
2.7 MB
3.1 MB
T2 -A rude awakening-
More Authors More Maps* More MB See server name where to download!
Download these free tools
(maybe some are useful for you or you need it):
File Approx. Size Description
MapConverter 10 KB Convert maps created with Unreal Editor for 226f to be able to run with 225f games.
Author: Winged Unicorn. Readme included.
md5: fd16ae46710bef032c22c89d36fae4e8
Udl 30 KB Turn on or off download permission per package.
Author: Author: }TCP{Wolf. Readme and source included.
md5: b6cd8682e0e4a507db991e4d89447a88
7-Zip 841 KB Archive decompression tool which supports many archive types (.7z, .zip, .rar, etc).
To unzip files you may download this tool for free.
WinZip 1.3 MB Popular archive decompression tool (not needed with WinXP).
To unzip files you may download an evaluation copy.
UmodBrowser 236 KB Browse .umod files like any other archive with this UmodBrowser
md5: cd7da9906066b39122ef43eecf92fd5d
md5sum.exe 48 KB GNU command line tool to verify md5 checksum integrity of downloaded files.
Good tool to be used in batches (e.g. to check many files at once).
zeckensack's Glide wrapper 250 KB Use Glide render mode with your Radeon ATI or GForce NVidia graphic card.
Bright colors, smooth refresh rate (Unreal was made for Glide).