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Other Master Server

To query the server list, your game asks Master Servers for a list of all Game Servers.
If the Master Server is down, your game won't list any Game Servers.
As a backup, some Game Servers uplink not only to the default Master Server (= master.gamespy.com) but also to other master servers.
So if you extend your client game configuration, you'll still get a list of Game Servers from other Master Servers.
The only master server configured with the shipped game is GameSpy, which is irrevocably down since May 31, 2014, see e.g. OldUnreal Forums.
Configure your client game to query other Master Servers as well: For client side, always take care that the index number in the square brackets is a contiguously counting number starting with 0. Don't create gaps by removing lines, instead, re-number the subsequent entries.
If you run a server:
Configure your server to advertise itself at other Master Servers as well:
For Hyper's instructions about master servers visit http://www.hypercoop.tk (http://www.hypercoop.tk/master.htm).